SweetTata's Elevated Yoga at The Hangout
7:00 PM19:00

SweetTata's Elevated Yoga at The Hangout

SweetTata’s Elevated Yoga is more than a mere yoga class with cannabis. Hosted and taught by Sweet Tata’s Tatiana Weaver, this class brings yoga and the benefits of plant-based medicine together and into your present. Through healing breath, cannabis-infused treats, flowers, and concentrates, you will be guided through mindful movement, music and meditation. Exploring your bodies, your strength and ability to relax in an uplifting and supportive environment, Weaver will be there incorporating various styles of yoga including hatha, yin, and vinyasa as well as experimenting with other yoga techniques that will bring you one step closer to total and utter inner peace. 

This is a thoughtful experience meant for those open to combining cannabis, health, fitness, and overall well-being. Elevated Canna Yoga is about self-healing and helping you reach your higher Self. 

SweetTata’s Workshops are taught by Tatiana is a relaxing, fun and powerful journey of letting go to greater accept the benefits of plant medicine and yoga, especially the combination of the two, on your path of healing. Through a thoughtful blend of Mindful Movement, Music, and Meditation, Tata uses a variety of flowers, concentrates, cannabis-infused treats and other goodies that allow you to explore the healing powers of both hemp and marijuana in their various forms.

Tickets: $35 CLICK HERE

Location: The Hangout, Long Beach

Sponsors include but not limited to: 


Clearly Cbd

SweeTata’s CBD Joints / Honey Sticks

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Baked Eggs: A Morning After 420 Brunch
11:30 AM11:30

Baked Eggs: A Morning After 420 Brunch


Whether you missed out on the 420 festivities, or you just haven’t had enough, “Baked Eggs: A Morning After 420 Brunch” is your answer to “what to do on Easter Sunday in LA…when I don’t really do Easter.” Baked Eggs is a fun, foodie infused getaway from the holiday norm, bursting with unexpected treats and gourmet bites, all topped with a soothing soundscape of live music  and curated playlists creating the highest vibes and most elevated atmosphere...not to mention it’s set in a private DTLA high rise location. Treat your palette to a nourishing superfood brunch consciously crafted with clean-cannabis, local and organic food, and magical mysteries along the way.


Join Netflix’s “Cooking on High” Chef Andi Leon and host SweetTatas in deliciously and highly offbeat infused experience meant to elevate you to another level, open your heart and set your spirit free – while feeling free to laugh..a lot. There will be a Hangover 420 “Bar” boasting CBD elixirs and raw juices, a uniquely infused brunch assortment that, of course, includes baked eggs (and a variety of others, vegan included), organic bacon, fresh baked breads and pastries, weed cream and coffee, local farmer’s market fruits, and so so so much more. Also, explore the CannaMarket and a variety of goodies while you play Stoned Games or participate in the Adult Easter Egg Hunt. Baked Eggs will confirm in your heart of hearts, the magical and medicinal worlds of superfoods and cannabis, the power they have apart and the potent potential they have together.


Chef Andie brings out the crowning essence of the highly selected ingredients in each and every bite. Superfoods are her specialty and Chef Andie incorporates disease-fighting foods in a curious and magical way spending the most recent years learning how to whimsically incorporate cannabis as a healing aid and medicinal herb into her gourmet (super)foods, crafting magic into every bite. And with the highest of vibes and cannaboss vibes, Tatiana Weaver, SweetTatas, will host and guide you naturally through a cannabis and food experience that will be sure to leave you high and happy and returning for more. She carefully curates holistic, cannabis, yoga and other pop up events in and around the LA Area.



Date: Sunday, April 21st

Time: 11:30am – 4:20ish

Location: Private DTLA High Rise

Ticket: Donation $50 / Golden Egg Ticket $75


The Experience:

-       Bohemian-style, high-end cannabis-infused brunch, including personalized Eggs and family style assortment bites and Infused baked goodies (and non) items to keep a steady balance and fluid experience

-       The potential healing effects of cannabis, superfoods, flowers, and spices

-       Mind, Body, and Soul expansion and elevation

-       An open and caring Cannabis Community and Conscious Consumption

-       Explore ways to reach your greatest potential and live a higher quality life

-       CannaCircle, Stoned Games and An Adult-style Easter Egg Hunt

-       Live Music and Curated Playlists

-       CannaMarket hosted by sponsors, including but not limited to, Timelapse Co, OrganicFlame, CannaSmack, Clearly CBD, Elyon Cannabis, I Am Artemis CBD, Kind Water and more (TBA)

-       Leave feeling free, elevated, and fantastically full



See you on Easter Sunday for Baked Eggs by Chef Andie Leon and SweetTatas. Golden Egg ticket option available. Please see SweetTatas.com/Events for details, RSVPs, and ticket info. If you’d like to become a sponsor or work together more closely on this event or others, please e-mail SweetTatas@gmail.com

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SweetTata's CBD Sound Bath with Rita and Rachel
7:00 PM19:00

SweetTata's CBD Sound Bath with Rita and Rachel


Featuring Rachel Brodeur & Rita Turner

$45 Early Bird, $50 Day Of

Join SweetTatas this month for - a transformative experience that will leave you feeling elevated and relaxed through a trifecta of mindful movement, music, and meditation. SweetTata’s Workshops are an immersive experience of sacred cannabis healing sounds and a strengthening, relaxing, and restorative hatha-style yoga class enhanced by the medicinal effects of plant medicine.

This session, the workshop will be co-led by Tatiana and Rachel, guiding you through asana, breath work and mediations all the while educating students about cannabis and its effects. They will be joined by Portuguese sound healer and artist Rita as she holds space throughout the journey. Her selection of instruments, recipients enjoy traveling between ancient and sacred sounds, that will take you into the deep corners of your mind, memory and imagination by shifting and entraining your brain waves from our regular state beta waves, to alpha and even delta brainwave states, frequencies that are scientifically known to improve restful sleep, digestive and cardiovascular health, and reduce stress.

Tatiana, Rachel, and Rita will guide you through an ultra-relaxing journey of sound healing, yoga, and safe cannabis consumption. Take yourself on a healing journey that will elevate you transform from cell to spirit.

While in a comfortable and safe space, explore the benefits of combining different healing modalities – sound, energy, meditation, yoga, and cannabis - and learn to incorporate them into your life. Enjoy the benefits for yourself this in this month’s CBD Sound Bath while you explore your curiosities, raise your vibrations and free your Self of mental and physical constraints. You’ll leave the workshop feeling mentally and physically rested, still and comforted while resonating at a much higher vibration.

The Flow:

  • Opening Circle and Blessing of the Plant

    • Hemp (and Cannabis Optional)

  • CBD Journey: Intention Setting and Breathwork

    • Introduction for students new to cannabis and exploration for advanced students

    • Respecting the plant, releasing expectations, intention setting

  • Yoga: Mindful Movements and Yummy Adjustments

    • Safe for beginner and advanced students

    • Adjustments and relaxing massage techniques for ultimate zen and relaxation

  • Music and Meditation: Sound Bath

    • Lead by Rita

    • Includes guided breathwork and adjustments

  • Integration and Closing Circle

    • Sharing, Mantras

    • Final Blessing and Treat

Ticket includes: CBD circle with intention setting and sharing, CBD, hemp, and cannabis exploration, sound healing journey, guided light yoga and meditation, optional adjustments and mini massages, aromatherapy, and a treat to close the journey.

Join SweetTata’s for monthly Cannabis-focused Meet-ups, Ganja Yoga classes, and other workshops. Check the calendar for dates and times. SweetTata’s CBD focused and cannabis-friendly shop are now Carefully Curated Exclusively at Liberate Hollywood. Please e-mail sweettatas@gmail.com for any questions.

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