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Full Moon Release SoundBath (Long Beach)

  • The Hangout in Long Beach East 4th Street Long Beach, CA United States (map)

After the last 30 days of building towards...something…we, just as the moon, are full. It is important during this time that we use purging and cleansing rituals to release and prepare our bodies for the next 30 days. Without blockages and old feelings and expectations encompassing us, it is easier to let go of what no longer serves us and move forward on our chosen path. With the Full Moon, we are able to purge and rid ourselves of old habits, feelings, addictions, etc. Once we allow a time and space for release, we’re able to take on new energies and feeling with an awareness that better aides our lives and those around us. 

Through an immersive sound experience of crystal and tibetan singing bowls and other musical instruments, combined with the grounding and heart-opening properties of hemp, Tatiana creates a safe and non-judgemental space to connect with Self, cleanse, and reprogram. Through the use of sound and plant medicine, the body and mind can release, recharge, and heal. As your body and mind find the space to truly let go, you’ll begin to feel energy shifts allowing true transformation to take place. 

Tatiana creates a literal “bath” of sound, allowing you to dive deeper into Self, connect, and reflect. The deeply and blissfully wander to unknown places to help you release and open your consciousness. This path to ultimate relaxation and meditation is an immersive experience that will allow time for peace in your world...and hopefully spread beyond. During the sound bath you will experience soothing, resonant sound from singing bowls and other musical instruments, an experience that will give your mind and body the freedom to truly relax and truly let go as a sense of calm comes over you. During the journey you may enter a dream-like or meditative state and could experience physical and emotional releases as you open up and things begin to ‘un-stick’ and move more freely. 


Benefits of Hemp and Sound Healing:

  • Deep relaxation and tapping into a meditative state, heightening your inner awareness

  • Helps relieve stress and related conditions

  • Release stress and negative to open the flow of energy

  • Raises your frequency allowing for your brainwave state to shift and synchronize the brain’s hemispheres

  • Helps the body unblock energies and find harmony through vibrational alignment

  • Hemp helps to calm the mind and the nervous system, helping to calm anxiety, muscle spasms, tension, etc.

  • Full spectrum CBD has plant nutrients to support your immune system and is rich with chlorophyll, antioxidants and terpenes.

  • CBD helps bring down inflammation in the body which can give the body an opportunity to heal.

  • Hemp directly interacts with your endocannabinoid system which we will be using topically and systemically.

Please bring...

  • Something comfortable to lay on, like a blanket and/or yoga towel and mat

  • Bring anything you might want to keep you comfy, or warm, if it is outside.

  • (optional, but nice to have) Something to cover your eyes and/or protect your ears

  • Replenishing drink like alkaline water or water with lemon.

  • An open heart.


Doors Open

Settle in and make a space, explore, and connect.

Plant Medicine:

Aid the experience with the use of hemp oil and topicals during your journey

Cleansing Circle: 

The use of sage, palo santo, essentials oils, and/or other holistic and cleansing items

Setting our intention for the Full Moon release

Stretching and Breathing for Grounding

Sound Journey

Decompression and Closing  

Session Ends