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SweetTata's Elevated Yoga at The Hangout

SweetTata’s Elevated Yoga is more than a mere yoga class with cannabis. Hosted and taught by Sweet Tata’s Tatiana Weaver, this class brings yoga and the benefits of plant-based medicine together and into your present. Through healing breath, cannabis-infused treats, flowers, and concentrates, you will be guided through mindful movement, music and meditation. Exploring your bodies, your strength and ability to relax in an uplifting and supportive environment, Weaver will be there incorporating various styles of yoga including hatha, yin, and vinyasa as well as experimenting with other yoga techniques that will bring you one step closer to total and utter inner peace. 

This is a thoughtful experience meant for those open to combining cannabis, health, fitness, and overall well-being. Elevated Canna Yoga is about self-healing and helping you reach your higher Self. 

SweetTata’s Workshops are taught by Tatiana is a relaxing, fun and powerful journey of letting go to greater accept the benefits of plant medicine and yoga, especially the combination of the two, on your path of healing. Through a thoughtful blend of Mindful Movement, Music, and Meditation, Tata uses a variety of flowers, concentrates, cannabis-infused treats and other goodies that allow you to explore the healing powers of both hemp and marijuana in their various forms.

Tickets: $35 CLICK HERE

Location: The Hangout, Long Beach

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