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A Monthly Hemp and Rapé Ceremony: To Reset, Release, Recharge and Refocus

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A Monthly Hemp and Rapé Ceremony:
To Reset, Release, Recharge and Refocus
By Brittany Tatiana for @SweetTatas

Why hemp and Rapé?

Hemp - Opening prayer and meditation with hemp oil microdosing for ultimate focus, awareness, and relaxation. CBD from hemp is widely known as a non-psychoactive plant medicine that helps reduce stress, inflammation, and anxiety. This cannabinoid helps to bring balance, nutrients, and much missing nourishment to our bodies and minds. Then Tatiana will guide you through a short series of heart opening and relaxing yoga poses to a most peaceful savanna as she prepares your body to receive the Rapé.

After everyone is open and grounded, Tatiana will also use sound therapy techniques to help calm your nervous system and bring your mind and body to a state of true relaxation to continue and to best set up for the pentacle of the plant medicine journey.

Rapé - An indigenous/tribal tobacco snuff used as a healing medicine, for hunting purposes, and during ceremony for clarity, focus and to help ground. It helps to detoxify the body, while calming the mind and clearing it of distractions, all while opening the heart to help fully access the space. Tatiana will apply Rapé to each person with care. The Rapé detoxifies the body and clears our mind of any expectations and worrying thoughts, allowing us to be present and free within our mind and throughout our body. The tobacco and herbs help set us up to truly accept the present and be open to what may be - preparing us to be ready for the journey ahead.


Tatiana will create a safe, sacred, and comfortable space where you can open up, relax, and begin to truly release. Whatever it is you may be wanting let go of, or ground yourself in, the journey of rape is meant to aide you and prepare you for next steps. It is essential that we are clear about our goals, focus, and intention throughout your journey.

In this space, Tatiana will administer plant medicines and share ancient practices in order to guide you through a clearing and intention focused ceremony.

The Flow:

Opening Cleansing Circle
Hemp Journey through tinctures and topicals (optional)
Mini Sound Bath Journey
Personal Rapé Experiences 7-10 mins each person
(Please allow time for rest and inner work as Tatiana administers the Rapé to each person)
Decompression: A time of Silence
Closing CIrcle

Tatiana will…

Inform you about the process and help prepare your body for it
Apply your Rapé in a safe, comfortable and loving way
Create and hold an energetically high surrounding
Hold space for you while you are going through any challenging experience
Be with you through and on your journey, there to help when and if needed
Encourage and help you to express your experience after the ceremony

Please bring…

Your open heart and any questions you might have.
Anything comfortable you might want - but we will have mats, blankets, cushions, as needed.
Replenishing drink like alkaline water or water with lemon.
Bring your crystals if you’d like them to be recharged during the ceremony.

What to expect…

Time to rest, relax, and receive - hemp, rapé and non-judgmental love
To experience the benefits of ancient medicines and practices
An intense rush and feeling as you receive the rape
Releasing, possible crying, runny nose, coughing and/or crying
Possibility of other forms of your body purging
A time to release, let go, and do inner work
Please receive…
A space to set and manifest your intentions
Information about hemp, Rapé, and the journey
A personal Rapé experience
True connection
Love without judgment

Note: You are always welcome to use or not use the hemp portion, or have a smaller dosage of Rapé or not. The ultimate journey is up to you and whatever your comfort level is absolutely welcome. Please reach out with any questions.