Holistic Events


CannaCircles (1.5-2hrs) *On image click you will be sent to gallery of event pics*

CannaCircles are an opportunity to simply...stop, breathe, and truly connect with cannabis.

Join SweetTatas and our canna-crew as they create an experience that will help you cultivate a positive relationship with cannabis. Through mindful, intentional and spiritual cannabis rituals, open conversations and mindful and intentional consumption, the CannaCircles will be your safe haven to get to know and explore cannabis more intimately in a loving community of like-minded people. Creating a spiritual life through spiritual experiences, cannabis allows you to deepen your entrance into the present movement.  You will be led through a blissful and mind-opening journey while you explore cannabis, its benefits, and the variety of ways you can incorporate it into your life. Allowing yourself to be still with cannabis can produce an array of positive effects that you can learn about through this experience.

Practicing with cannabis and learning to respect the plant as we go through our hectic, non-stop lives allows cannabis to be constructive and helpful. Emotional and physical healing can occur during your cannabis experience as well as feelings of ease and contentment…and it’s simply fun and expanding. Allow expectations and thoughts to fall away as you surround yourself in the healing powers of cannabis

Elevated Yoga (2hours)

SweetTata’s Elevated Yoga is more than a mere yoga class with cannabis. Hosted and taught by Sweet Tata’s Tatiana Weaver, this class brings yoga and the benefits of plant-based medicine together and into your present. Through healing breathwork, cannabis-infused treats, flowers, and concentrates, you will be guided through mindful movement, music and meditation. Exploring your bodies, your strength and ability to relax in an uplifting and supportive environment, Weaver will be there incorporating various styles of yoga including hatha, yin, and vinyasa as well as experimenting with other yoga techniques that will bring you one step closer to total and utter inner peace.

The beautiful union of movement, breath, and Plant medicine is a transformative experience that will leave you feeling elevated and relaxed through a trifecta of mindful movement, music, and meditation. SweetTata’s Workshops are an immersive experience of sacred cannabis healing sounds and a strengthening, relaxing, and restorative hatha and yin style yoga class enhanced by the medicinal effects of plant medicine. While in a comfortable and safe space, explore the benefits of combining different healing modalities – sound, energy, meditation, yoga, and cannabis - and learn how to consciously incorporate them into your everyday life.

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